A research team led by Dr. Saida Bogus of the Kuban State Medical University is trying to develop a new pharmacological remedy for various heart rhythm disorders.

Nowadays, a lot of people all around the world are suffering from cardiovascular diseases and other similar complications. Moreover, according to statistics, 17 million of them die each year. Present drugs produced to prevent these diseases are not that effective and can even damage a patient if he was given just a slightly incorrect dosage.

However, Russian researchers found a very promising solution to the problem, experimenting with different chemical compounds. Actually, they ended up choosing a compound called ss-68 as their key component for a new drug which is effective against both cardiac and brain injury-induced arrhythmias.

The tests conducted on animals showed that this compound positively affects the blood flow, the blood vessels and the electrical activity of the heart thus fixing rhythmical disorder and in most cases outperforming numerous commercial drugs. On top of that, there were no any signs of unpleasant side effects.

Where is the money?

The problem of heart issues is a real pain in the neck of modern medicine since it desperately fails to save lots of human lives. In order to improve this situation, pharmaceutics gets pretty huge investments: in 2015 they reached approximately $8 billion worth and are expected to get a peak of $11,8 billion in 2022. Hence, there is a quite wide range of all kinds of treatments and drugs, but clinics are still in need of a reliable and safe compound. Aforesaid research could lead to an invention of a superior drug that would effectively normalize heart functioning and prevent strokes without creating additional trouble for a patient.

The techers: Saida Bogus 

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