A team of chemists from Stanford Institute of Chemistry, Engineering & Medicine for Human Health is trying to develop a new way of battling infections with antibiotics. They have already achieved great results in the laboratory and claimed to keep on improving their technique in order to make it reliable and eventually applicable in clinics.

Nowadays, the main current problem of antibiotics is that there are different infections that are evolving and thus becoming more and more resistant to drugs. Henceforth, there is always a constant demand for developing antibiotics that can fight against the newest forms of infections.

To solve this challenge, the scientists proposed an alternative method that implies the usage of already existent drugs but modified by attaching a small molecular device (called r8) to it. This attachment somehow helps antibiotic to precisely penetrate and annihilate an infection guiding it through outer defenses of a bacterium.

During their actual lab experiment, the researchers compared how effective just a basic vancomycin and vancomycin with r8 attachment were in a fight against MRSA infection. Turns out, the V-r8 combination is about 10 times better than a simple antibiotic because it demonstrates just a way greater ability to enter inside an MRSA cell and then kill it from the inside.

Where is the money?

As it was mentioned, antibiotics designers are continually busy with working on new drugs that would surpass wily bacteria. Considering also the numerous types of infections and the huge amounts of people suffering from them, anti-infective drugs market is obviously always flourishing in terms of incoming investments that trying to boost the power of antibiotic treatments and suppress the growth of diseases. By 2016 the spending on this sector had reached about $106,5 billion worth and in 7 years from now, it’s expected to get the point of $153 billion which is the pretty astounding sum. However, the new invention with its cutting-edge approach to antibiotics can probably save lots of money as it’s going to stop the race of never-ending development of new types of drugs.

The techers: Alexandra AntonoplisXiaoyu Zang


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